Software Download

The Iozeta Desktop software is the easiest way to use your Iozeta account. To start the software download, click on either the Windows or Mac download button to start your download.

Download Iozeta for Windows

Download Iozeta for Mac

Important: In order for this software to work, you’ll need an account. If you don’t have one, click here.

System Requirements

XP, Vista, Windows 7
Intel-based Macs with OS X 10.6 or higher
High Speed Internet Access

Restore Client

Iozeta Restore makes it easy to download and restore large files and folders that you’ve backed up with Iozeta Backup. Please note that Iozeta Restore is available as a separate download for Windows, but is built in to the latest version of the Mac Desktop software.

To use Iozeta Restore on your Mac, just click on the Iozeta icon near your clock and select ‘Restore From Backup’.

Download Iozeta Restore for Windows


If you’re using Windows, when prompted click on ‘Run’ or ‘Open to launch the step-by-step process’.

For more information on how to use your Iozeta account, please see our Quick Start Guide.

The Iozeta web portal makes it simple to view your backups – you don’t need to download them to your computer to display them. You can open Office documents, watch videos, play music and view photos right from your web browser!